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Secretary : Alperen Öztürk

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Address : Başkent University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Bağlıca Campus,Fatih Sultan Mah. Eskişehir Yolu 18.km 06790 Etimesgut / ANKARA

Theoretical Discourse

This section of the journal is designed as a platform in which different theoretical approaches and paradigms are brought to the agenda in the field of management and organization theory. We believe that the reflection of different frame of references and theoretical perspectives on these pages will lead to diversity and richness of thought in the field. I think that such environments are also important in terms of establishing the theoretical discourse in our native language and understanding each other.

A theoretical discussion can be initiated in the papers sent to the Theoretical Discourse and an article published in the Journal of Management Research can be criticized via these papers. If the paper criticizes a published article, the author of the article will also be asked to give a response against criticism. Those papers should not exceed three pages. Papers sent to the Theoretical Discourse will not be sent to the referee, and the decision to publish will be made by the editor and co-editors.

Research Notes

It may be appropriate to define the research notes as “short papers”. In this section, it is envisaged to bring genuine theoretical perspectives on a particular subject or to publish theoretical studies that change, develop and critique existing theories. Studies that pave the way for new theoretical perspectives can also be presented in the form of empirical research findings.

These studies also meet the format requirements of the Journal of Management Research. Studies to be published in the research notes shouldn’t exceed five pages.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are designed as a section that can be associated with the studies in the field and that aims to publish the reviews of Turkish or English books written the academic community. After a short summary of the book to be criticized, it will be aimed to remark the strengths and weaknesses. Referring to other readings related to research field of the studied book will provide an enriching function for criticism.