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AIM Contributing to Understanding of Problems and Applications in Turkish Organizational and Managerial Contexts with an Interdisciplinary Perspective and Encouraging Researchers into this Direction.

SCOPE Journal of Management Reserach Covers: Organiztional Theories, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Strategy and Strategic Management, International Management.

INTENTION Empirical and Theoretical Resources.

Journal of Management Research is a peer-reviewed journal and publishes one volume per year

Prof. Dr. Ali Haberal

All rights of Journal of Management Research belong to Baskent University. The printing, publishing and distribution activities of the journal are carried out by Baskent University. The journal is managed by Başkent University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration.

History of the Baskent University In response to Turkey's need for high quality institutions of higher education, the Organ Transplant and Burns Treatment Foundation, which has been in operation since 1980, made the decision to turn its existing complexes into a university. In 1993, procedures were begun to establish Başkent University, with the aid of the Haberal Educational Foundation. In accordance with Article 3961 of the Legal Code, the University was officially founded on January 13, 1994.The main objective is to build an academic institution that will ultimately be a full-fledged and internationally prominent university. In the 1995-1996 academic year, Başkent University moved to its new Campus at Bağlıca, located 20 km. west of the center of Ankara, on the main highway to Eskişehir.

Vision Statement of the Baskent University The vision of Baskent University as an international brand is to be a home that provides a high level of education based on scientific production in all areas of advanced health practices and provides important benefits to society in order to take its place on the line of contemporary civilization.

Mission Statement of the Baskent University Contribute to the increase of technological, socio-economic and cultural level of Turkish society, improvement of human health, development and protection of human and environmental rights, and the spread civil service consciousness of service to society through educational, research-development and dissemination activities.


Editor in Chief
A. Selami Sargut (Başkent University)

Associate Editors
Yavuz Ercil - Başkent University
Cenk Sözen - Başkent University
Tülay İlhan Nas - Karadeniz Technical University
Arzu Wasti - Sabancı University
Sibel Yamak - University of Wolverhampton

Editörler Kurulu
Ceyhan Aldemir - Dokuz Eylül University
Nejat Basım - Başkent University
Hayat Kabasakal - Boğaziçi University
Tamer Koçel - İstanbul Culture University
Beyza Oba - İstanbul Bilgi University
Çetin Önder - Social Sciences University of Ankara
Şükrü Özen - İzmir University of Economics
Nazlı Wasti Pamuksuz - Middle East Technical University
Fulya Sarvan - Akdeniz University
Cavide Uyargil - İstanbul University
Behlül Üsdiken - Sabancı University
A. Kadir Varoğlu - Başkent University

Geçmişteki Editörler
Hüseyin Leblebici - University of Illinois - UC
Ümit Berkman - Bilkent University
Muhan Sosyal - Middle East Technical University
Alaeddin Tileylioğlu - Middle East Technical University
Zeynep Aycan - Koç University
Şan Öz-Alp - Afyon Kocatepe University

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