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2019. Volume 15. March-October Special Issue: Organizational Networks

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Organizational Network Approach within the Selection and Adaptation Dichotomy– H. Cenk SÖZEN, Alperen ÖZTÜRK and Ali Rıza KÖKER
  2. Social Network Theory Studies: A Bibliometric Analysis of Management and Business Fields – Şule Erdem TUZLUKAYA
  3. The Relationship Between Learning and Network Effectiveness in Perspective of Interorganizational Networks: A Research on NGOs – Ata ÖZDEMİRCİ and Murat MALO
  4. Social Network Analysis Methods in Organizational Research - Mehmet GENÇER
  5. Turkish Business Groups from Diversification to Focus Strategies: the Cases of Koç and Işbank Groups – Halit SAĞLAM and Murat ÇOKGEZEN
  6. The Change of Islamic Social Capital in Turkey’s Organizational Life: 1980-2015 – Funda KILIÇ and Binali DOĞAN

2018. Volume 14. March-October Special Issue: Work Ethic

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: About Work Ethics - R. Arzu Kalemci.
  2. Change in Business Ethics in Turkey: An Evaluation from Institutional Perspective – Mustafa Mehmet Gökoğlu.
  3. The Shadow Of Main Stream Economics: Ethical Issue – Bahar Araz.
  4. Women’s Problematic in Management – Duygu Kızıldağ.

2017. Volume 13. March-October

  1. “Strategy” In Public and Private Universities, 1982 – 2014 - Behlül Üsdiken, Anıl Divarcı Çakmaklı and Başak Topaler.
  2. Competitive Interaction Among Firms: The Relationship Between Competitive Moves and Responses - Rukiye Sönmez and Umut Eroğlu.
  3. The Effect of Countries’ Corruption Degree on Foreign Direct Investment Entry Modes - Tülay İlhan Nas and Nimet Kalkan.

2016. Volume 12. March-October

  1. Ceo Succession: How Often CEOs Are Changing and Who Are Their Successors? – Aylin Atay.
  2. Strategic Management Thought A New Perspective: Evolutionary Game Theory - Ela Özkan Canbolat.
  3. Competitive Dynamics of International Tobacco Firms Against Public Health Policies - Arzu Açar and E. Fulya Deniz Sarvan.

2015. Volume 12. March-October Special Issue: Managing Diversity

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Managing Diversity – Mustafa Özbilgin
  2. The Effects of Gendered Perceptions on In-Role and Extra-Role Delineation of Work Behaviors – F. Pınar Acar.
  3. Diversity Management for Turkish Employees of a Global Company: Grounded Theory Modelling - Çiğdem Vatansever, Sibel Çalışkan and İdil Işık.
  4. Role of Competencies in Workforce Diversity Management - Evrim Mayatürk Akyol and Olca Sürgevil.
  5. Expectations of Board Members about Independent Members - Hazar Ben Barka and Maria Bonnafous-Boucher.

2011. Volume 11. March-October

  1. Owner-Managers’ Interpretations of Institutionalization: The Roles of Perceived Environmental Complexity, Regulatory Focus and Environmental Scanning - Mahmut Bayazıt, Selin Eser Erdil and Burcu Çanacık.
  2. The Effects of Economic Crisis on Rhetorical Strategies: The TQM Case - Mehmet Eryılmaz and Filiz Eryılmaz.
  3. The Role of The Key Decision Makers’ Threatopportunity Perception on Organizational Responses to Institutional Pressures: An Evaluation Through the Corporate Governance Behaviors of Publicly Owned Turkish Banks - Eyüp Aygün Tayşir ve İbrahim Anıl.

2010. Volume 10. March-October Special Issue: Organizational Culture

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Organizational Culture in Turkey – Ali Danışman.
  2. Organizational Tightness-Looseness and Its Implications for Corporate Entrepreneurship - Arzu Wasti and Murat Fiş.
  3. Organizational Culture and Market Orientation: A Test Of “Culture Type” And “Culture Strength” Hypotheses in Turkey - Mahmut Bayazıt and Cenk Koçaş.
  4. Exploring Organizational Culture Through Root Metaphors: A Qualitative Research on University Truth - Ferda Erdem.

2009. Volume 9. Issue 2. October Special Issue: Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Corporate Social Responsibility Local Differences, Global Similarities – Sibel Yamak.
  2. Transition from Philanthropy to Corporate Social Responsibility in Turkey: An Institutional Change Story - Ozan Nadir Alavuklar, Selcen Kılıçaslan and Engin Bağış Öztürk.
  3. CSR Practices in Turkey: In Between Traditional and Global - Bengi Ertuna ve Ali Tükel.
  4. Political Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility - Berkay Ayhan.

2009. Volume 9. Issue 1. March

  1. Innovativeness in Industrial Clusters: Do Firm Characteristics Matter? A. Elif Şengün and Çetin Önder.
  2. The Mediating Effect of Identification on The Relationship Between Perceived External Prestige and Intention to Leave - Ela Ünler Öz and Füsun Bulutlar.
  3. The First Practitioner-Oriented Journal in Turkey: The “BETRIEB” - Behlül Üsdiken and Mehmet Erçek.

2008. Volume 8. March-October Special Issue: Business Groups in Turkey

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Business Groups in Turkey: Introduction to The Special Issue - Behlül Üsdiken.
  2. Business Groups in Turkey’s Large Enterprise Sector: Their Economic Role and Diversification Strategies - Aslı M. Çolpan and Takashi Hikino.
  3. Business Groups in Turkey: The Old and The New - Belkıs Özkara, Mustafa Kurt and Kemal Karayormuk.
  4. The Evolution of Diversification Strategies in Turkish Business Groups - Ayşe Karaevli.

2007. Volume 7. March-October

  1. The Impact of Trust and Distrust on Exchange Performance in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Case of Ankara Furniture District - Ayşe Elif Şengün.
  2. Measurement of Individualism and Collectivism: Validation of The Self Construal Scale and Indcol in Turkish - Arzu Wasti and Selin Eser Erdil.
  3. Devotion or Emancipation? Postmodern Turn Discourse in The Face of Managerial Control - Erkan Erdemir.

2006. Volume 6. March-October

  1. Corporate Governance and Global Competition - Melsa Ararat and B. Burçin Yurtoğlu.
  2. The Construction and Erosion Of ‘Holding’ Title as an Organizational Identity: A Model for Simultaneous Institutionalization and Deinstitutionalization - Şükrü Özen and Hakkı Okan Yeloğlu.
  3. The Impact of Ownership Structure on Duality - Sibel Yamak, Bengi Ertuna and Mehmet Bolak.

2005. Volume 5. Issue 2. October.

  1. Corporation Groups in The Turkish Business System – Kader Tan Şahin.
  2. The Role of The Differentiated Strategic Human Resource Management in the Management of Pressures for Within-Corporate Conformity and Local Isomorphism in the International Joint Ventures - Tülay İlhan.
  3. The Impact of Liberalization on the Diversification of Business Associations: The Need for a New Perspective - Kader Tan Şahin.
  4. How Executive Succession Planning Hinders an Organization’s Change Capacity: A Theoretical Model - Ayşe Karaevli.

2005. Volume 5. Issue 1. March Special Issue: Strategic Management

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Introduction – A. Kadir Varoğlu
  2. The Evolution of Strategic Management Thought: A Story About Emergence of a Scientific Discipline - Mehmet Barca.
  3. Geography, Strategy and Organization: Recent Advances – Özlem Öz.
  4. A Research Conducted to Determine the Scope of Strategic Management Field in Turkey - R. Arzu Kalemci, Şirin Atakan Duman and Mehmet Çakar.

2004. Volume 4. Issue 2. October Special Issue: Institutional Theory

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Organizational Analysis of Turkish Oriented Institutional Theory Researches – Şükrü Özen.
  2. Power, Class Conflict and The Institutionalization of Discriminatory Organizational Forms - Argun Saatçioğlu.
  3. Translation, Actor-Networks and Proto-institutionalization: Re-Construction of Turkish Professional Personnel / Human Resources Management Discourse, 1960-1999 - Mehmet Erçek.
  4. The Emergence and Evolution of an Institutional Field: The Professionalization Process of Accountancy in Turkey - Belkıs Özkara and Kerim Özcan.

2004. Volume 4. Issue 1. March.

  1. Deviant Behavior in the Workplace: A Local Definition and Typology Research Based on Academic Personal - Yasemin Arbak, Ayşe Yasemin Şanlı and Ulaş Çakar.
  2. An Education Sector Oriented Research Based on the Association of Strategic Choice and Institutional Perspectives – Mehmet Eryılmaz.
  3. As an Institutional Change Proposal, Permeation of Management Knowledge to Public Administration Reforms: The Fundamental Draft Law Instance of Public Administration - Belkıs Özkara and Mustafa Kurt.

2003. Volume 3. Issue 2. October.

  1. Methodological Debate on Organizational Culture Researches. Ali Danışman and Hüseyin Özgen.
  2. Method in Cross-Cultural Researches: Lessons from the Organizational Commitment Literature - S. Arzu Wasti and Çetin Önder.
  3. The Affects of Organizational Communication and Justice Perceptions on Perception of Organizational Identity – Alper Ertürk.

2003. Volume 3. Issue 1. March.

  1. The Perception of Work in Turkey: It’s Definition and Dimensions - M. Ceyhan Aldemir, Yasemin Arbak ve Ömür N. T. Özmen.
  2. Assessment of Job Interviews: The Scale of Candidate Satisfaction - Fatma Küskü, Berk Ataman and Ahmet Çakmak.
  3. Work Objectives, Occupations and Working Time - Tülay Turgut and Suna Tevrüz.

2002. Volume 2. Issue 2. October. Special Issue: Scientific Approachment in the Field of Management and Method Problems.

      Özel Sayı Editörleri: Fulya Sarvan ve A. Selami Sargut

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: The Duality of Science: Determinism or Indeterminism – A. Selami Sargut.
  2. Examination of Science and Management Composition within a Historical Perspective – Behlül Üsdiken.
  3. Organizational Analysis From “Cogito Ergo Sum To “Vivo Ergo Sum” - Engin Yıldırım.
  4. Organizations in Turkey / The Problem of Ceremonial Empiricism in Management Researches - Şükrü Özen.
  5. A Research on Causes and Effects of Hostile Behaviors Against Working Woman - Gözdem Bebekoğlu and S. Arzu Wasti.

2002. Volume 2. Issue 1. March.

  1. Institutional Culture in Turkish-Arabian Cluster: Globe Research - Muzaffer Bodur and Hayat Kabasakal.
  2. Job Security Index and Job Security Satisfaction Scale: Analyse of Reliability and Validity - Çetin Önder and S. Arzu Wasti
  3. Context, Agent, Discourse and Institutional Change: The Permeation Process of Total Quality Management in Turkey - Şükrü Özen.
  4. The Field of Management in Turkey in 1990’s: Structure of the Field and Approaches Behlül Üsdiken and Zeynep Erden.

2001. Volume 1. October.

  1. Paternalism: Three Empirical Analysis on Management and Leadership Comprehension.- Zeynep Aycan.
  2. Concept of the Organizational Justice and Translation: Reliability and Validity of Analyse of a Scale in Turkish - S. Arzu Wasti
  3. The Role of Employees' Confidence in Managers and their Perception of Organizational Justice to Emergence of Citizenship Behavior - Janset Özen İşbaşı.
  4. Analysis of Mentoring Relations in Academic Organizations with Metaphors. - Ferda Erdem ve Fulya Sarvan.