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2020. Volume 16. March-October

  1. Developmental Process of Work-Related Flow Experience Dimensions in Self-Efficiency Work Performance Relationship - Fatih ÇETİN, Murat GÜLER, A. Kadir VAROĞLU and H. Nejat BASIM
  2. The Moderator Effect of the Perceived Entitativity of the Position of Professional Identity in the Subgroups of Collectivist Societies - Nurcan KEMİKKIRAN
  3. Escape-Based Internationalization from Emerging Countries: An Institutional Perspective Abstract - Tarhan OKAN, Tülay İLHAN NAS and Fatih ŞAHİN
  4. Moderator Effects of Institutional Support and Institutional Constraints on Export Expansion Strategy-Firm Performance Relation: Black Sea Exporter Companies Sample – Selcen SARI AYTEKİN, Ozan KALAYCIOĞLU ve Tarhan OKAN

2019. Volume 15. March-October Special Issue: Organizational Networks

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Organizational Network Approach within the Selection and Adaptation Dichotomy– H. Cenk SÖZEN, Alperen ÖZTÜRK and Ali Rıza KÖKER
  2. Social Network Theory Studies: A Bibliometric Analysis of Management and Business Fields – Şule Erdem TUZLUKAYA
  3. The Relationship Between Learning and Network Effectiveness in Perspective of Interorganizational Networks: A Research on NGOs – Ata ÖZDEMİRCİ and Murat MALO
  4. Social Network Analysis Methods in Organizational Research - Mehmet GENÇER
  5. Turkish Business Groups from Diversification to Focus Strategies: the Cases of Koç and Işbank Groups – Halit SAĞLAM and Murat ÇOKGEZEN
  6. The Change of Islamic Social Capital in Turkey’s Organizational Life: 1980-2015 – Funda KILIÇ and Binali DOĞAN

2018. Volume 14. March-October Special Issue: Work Ethic

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: About Work Ethics - R. Arzu Kalemci.
  2. Change in Business Ethics in Turkey: An Evaluation from Institutional Perspective – Mustafa Mehmet Gökoğlu.
  3. The Shadow Of Main Stream Economics: Ethical Issue – Bahar Araz.
  4. Women’s Problematic in Management – Duygu Kızıldağ.

2017. Volume 13. March-October

  1. “Strategy” In Public and Private Universities, 1982 – 2014 - Behlül Üsdiken, Anıl Divarcı Çakmaklı and Başak Topaler.
  2. Competitive Interaction Among Firms: The Relationship Between Competitive Moves and Responses - Rukiye Sönmez and Umut Eroğlu.
  3. The Effect of Countries’ Corruption Degree on Foreign Direct Investment Entry Modes - Tülay İlhan Nas and Nimet Kalkan.

2016. Volume 12. March-October

  1. Ceo Succession: How Often CEOs Are Changing and Who Are Their Successors? – Aylin Atay.
  2. Strategic Management Thought A New Perspective: Evolutionary Game Theory - Ela Özkan Canbolat.
  3. Competitive Dynamics of International Tobacco Firms Against Public Health Policies - Arzu Açar and E. Fulya Deniz Sarvan.

2015. Volume 12. March-October Special Issue: Managing Diversity

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Managing Diversity – Mustafa Özbilgin
  2. The Effects of Gendered Perceptions on In-Role and Extra-Role Delineation of Work Behaviors – F. Pınar Acar.
  3. Diversity Management for Turkish Employees of a Global Company: Grounded Theory Modelling - Çiğdem Vatansever, Sibel Çalışkan and İdil Işık.
  4. Role of Competencies in Workforce Diversity Management - Evrim Mayatürk Akyol and Olca Sürgevil.
  5. Expectations of Board Members about Independent Members - Hazar Ben Barka and Maria Bonnafous-Boucher.

2011. Volume 11. March-October

  1. Owner-Managers’ Interpretations of Institutionalization: The Roles of Perceived Environmental Complexity, Regulatory Focus and Environmental Scanning - Mahmut Bayazıt, Selin Eser Erdil and Burcu Çanacık.
  2. The Effects of Economic Crisis on Rhetorical Strategies: The TQM Case - Mehmet Eryılmaz and Filiz Eryılmaz.
  3. The Role of The Key Decision Makers’ Threatopportunity Perception on Organizational Responses to Institutional Pressures: An Evaluation Through the Corporate Governance Behaviors of Publicly Owned Turkish Banks - Eyüp Aygün Tayşir ve İbrahim Anıl.

2010. Volume 10. March-October Special Issue: Organizational Culture

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Organizational Culture in Turkey – Ali Danışman.
  2. Organizational Tightness-Looseness and Its Implications for Corporate Entrepreneurship - Arzu Wasti and Murat Fiş.
  3. Organizational Culture and Market Orientation: A Test Of “Culture Type” And “Culture Strength” Hypotheses in Turkey - Mahmut Bayazıt and Cenk Koçaş.
  4. Exploring Organizational Culture Through Root Metaphors: A Qualitative Research on University Truth - Ferda Erdem.

2009. Volume 9. Issue 2. October Special Issue: Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Corporate Social Responsibility Local Differences, Global Similarities – Sibel Yamak.
  2. Transition from Philanthropy to Corporate Social Responsibility in Turkey: An Institutional Change Story - Ozan Nadir Alavuklar, Selcen Kılıçaslan and Engin Bağış Öztürk.
  3. CSR Practices in Turkey: In Between Traditional and Global - Bengi Ertuna ve Ali Tükel.
  4. Political Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility - Berkay Ayhan.

2009. Volume 9. Issue 1. March

  1. Innovativeness in Industrial Clusters: Do Firm Characteristics Matter? A. Elif Şengün and Çetin Önder.
  2. The Mediating Effect of Identification on The Relationship Between Perceived External Prestige and Intention to Leave - Ela Ünler Öz and Füsun Bulutlar.
  3. The First Practitioner-Oriented Journal in Turkey: The “BETRIEB” - Behlül Üsdiken and Mehmet Erçek.

2008. Volume 8. March-October Special Issue: Business Groups in Turkey

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Business Groups in Turkey: Introduction to The Special Issue - Behlül Üsdiken.
  2. Business Groups in Turkey’s Large Enterprise Sector: Their Economic Role and Diversification Strategies - Aslı M. Çolpan and Takashi Hikino.
  3. Business Groups in Turkey: The Old and The New - Belkıs Özkara, Mustafa Kurt and Kemal Karayormuk.
  4. The Evolution of Diversification Strategies in Turkish Business Groups - Ayşe Karaevli.

2007. Volume 7. March-October

  1. The Impact of Trust and Distrust on Exchange Performance in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Case of Ankara Furniture District - Ayşe Elif Şengün.
  2. Measurement of Individualism and Collectivism: Validation of The Self Construal Scale and Indcol in Turkish - Arzu Wasti and Selin Eser Erdil.
  3. Devotion or Emancipation? Postmodern Turn Discourse in The Face of Managerial Control - Erkan Erdemir.

2006. Volume 6. March-October

  1. Corporate Governance and Global Competition - Melsa Ararat and B. Burçin Yurtoğlu.
  2. The Construction and Erosion Of ‘Holding’ Title as an Organizational Identity: A Model for Simultaneous Institutionalization and Deinstitutionalization - Şükrü Özen and Hakkı Okan Yeloğlu.
  3. The Impact of Ownership Structure on Duality - Sibel Yamak, Bengi Ertuna and Mehmet Bolak.

2005. Volume 5. Issue 2. October.

  1. Corporation Groups in The Turkish Business System – Kader Tan Şahin.
  2. The Role of The Differentiated Strategic Human Resource Management in the Management of Pressures for Within-Corporate Conformity and Local Isomorphism in the International Joint Ventures - Tülay İlhan.
  3. The Impact of Liberalization on the Diversification of Business Associations: The Need for a New Perspective - Kader Tan Şahin.
  4. How Executive Succession Planning Hinders an Organization’s Change Capacity: A Theoretical Model - Ayşe Karaevli.

2005. Volume 5. Issue 1. March Special Issue: Strategic Management

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Introduction – A. Kadir Varoğlu
  2. The Evolution of Strategic Management Thought: A Story About Emergence of a Scientific Discipline - Mehmet Barca.
  3. Geography, Strategy and Organization: Recent Advances – Özlem Öz.
  4. A Research Conducted to Determine the Scope of Strategic Management Field in Turkey - R. Arzu Kalemci, Şirin Atakan Duman and Mehmet Çakar.

2004. Volume 4. Issue 2. October Special Issue: Institutional Theory

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Organizational Analysis of Turkish Oriented Institutional Theory Researches – Şükrü Özen.
  2. Power, Class Conflict and The Institutionalization of Discriminatory Organizational Forms - Argun Saatçioğlu.
  3. Translation, Actor-Networks and Proto-institutionalization: Re-Construction of Turkish Professional Personnel / Human Resources Management Discourse, 1960-1999 - Mehmet Erçek.
  4. The Emergence and Evolution of an Institutional Field: The Professionalization Process of Accountancy in Turkey - Belkıs Özkara and Kerim Özcan.

2004. Volume 4. Issue 1. March.

  1. Deviant Behavior in the Workplace: A Local Definition and Typology Research Based on Academic Personal - Yasemin Arbak, Ayşe Yasemin Şanlı and Ulaş Çakar.
  2. An Education Sector Oriented Research Based on the Association of Strategic Choice and Institutional Perspectives – Mehmet Eryılmaz.
  3. As an Institutional Change Proposal, Permeation of Management Knowledge to Public Administration Reforms: The Fundamental Draft Law Instance of Public Administration - Belkıs Özkara and Mustafa Kurt.

2003. Volume 3. Issue 2. October.

  1. Methodological Debate on Organizational Culture Researches. Ali Danışman and Hüseyin Özgen.
  2. Method in Cross-Cultural Researches: Lessons from the Organizational Commitment Literature - S. Arzu Wasti and Çetin Önder.
  3. The Affects of Organizational Communication and Justice Perceptions on Perception of Organizational Identity – Alper Ertürk.

2003. Volume 3. Issue 1. March.

  1. The Perception of Work in Turkey: It’s Definition and Dimensions - M. Ceyhan Aldemir, Yasemin Arbak ve Ömür N. T. Özmen.
  2. Assessment of Job Interviews: The Scale of Candidate Satisfaction - Fatma Küskü, Berk Ataman and Ahmet Çakmak.
  3. Work Objectives, Occupations and Working Time - Tülay Turgut and Suna Tevrüz.

2002. Volume 2. Issue 2. October. Special Issue: Scientific Approachment in the Field of Management and Method Problems.

      Özel Sayı Editörleri: Fulya Sarvan ve A. Selami Sargut

  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: The Duality of Science: Determinism or Indeterminism – A. Selami Sargut.
  2. Examination of Science and Management Composition within a Historical Perspective – Behlül Üsdiken.
  3. Organizational Analysis From “Cogito Ergo Sum To “Vivo Ergo Sum” - Engin Yıldırım.
  4. Organizations in Turkey / The Problem of Ceremonial Empiricism in Management Researches - Şükrü Özen.
  5. A Research on Causes and Effects of Hostile Behaviors Against Working Woman - Gözdem Bebekoğlu and S. Arzu Wasti.

2002. Volume 2. Issue 1. March.

  1. Institutional Culture in Turkish-Arabian Cluster: Globe Research - Muzaffer Bodur and Hayat Kabasakal.
  2. Job Security Index and Job Security Satisfaction Scale: Analyse of Reliability and Validity - Çetin Önder and S. Arzu Wasti
  3. Context, Agent, Discourse and Institutional Change: The Permeation Process of Total Quality Management in Turkey - Şükrü Özen.
  4. The Field of Management in Turkey in 1990’s: Structure of the Field and Approaches Behlül Üsdiken and Zeynep Erden.

2001. Volume 1. October.

  1. Paternalism: Three Empirical Analysis on Management and Leadership Comprehension.- Zeynep Aycan.
  2. Concept of the Organizational Justice and Translation: Reliability and Validity of Analyse of a Scale in Turkish - S. Arzu Wasti
  3. The Role of Employees' Confidence in Managers and their Perception of Organizational Justice to Emergence of Citizenship Behavior - Janset Özen İşbaşı.
  4. Analysis of Mentoring Relations in Academic Organizations with Metaphors. - Ferda Erdem ve Fulya Sarvan.