Yönetim Araştırmaları Dergisi

From the Founding Editor

I think the actualisation of dreams is directly proportional to the number of individuals who can share the same dream. However, the problem may not be solved by quantitative competence. An important prerequisite for collective dreaming is the context that makes it possible to share the same dream. If the mentioned context is rational and active, the likelihood of actualization of dreams will increase. As it can be comprehended, all these definitions refer to the National Management and Organizations Congresses, which have reached to nine. The share and contribution of National Management and Organization Congresses cannot be denied in the view of Journal of Management Research as a dream. Management and Organization Congresses played the key role in the flourishing of dreams related to the journal. The fact that the dream of a journal has been transformed into a concrete form also proves the importance of congresses in bringing management and organization researchers together and providing them an opportunity to enrich their social networks. Congresses greatly improved the scientific knowledge production in the field of management and organization. In this light, The Journal of Management Research should also take the responsibility of increasing the quality of knowledge production to higher levels.

I would like to emphasize that the Journal of Management Research has been formed within the framework of the fundamental philosophy and understanding that congresses aim at, and that it arises from the efforts of the scientists who initiated and supported the series of congresses. As predicted by the congresses, the journal did not go beyond the research field chosen for itself. In other words, the journal did not lean toward to attempt to cover all fields related to economic and administrative sciences. Its purpose and scope have been concretized within the framework of the congresses. This was taken into consideration in the selection of editors and editorial board. Editorial board has been formed without any dominant academic institution. It was especially emphasized that the journal does not belong to any institution. On the contrary, it was highlighted that the journal belonged to a research area collectively. It was thought that such preferences would directly affect the quality of the journal. I believe that such approaches will contribute to actualizing of essential ethical codes of scientific neutrality like the principle of “the only criteria should be academic quality in the acceptance of papers”.

Considering that we actualized our dream, now is the time to prepare for a long-term endeavour. In order to sustain biannual publication, we should feed the journal with high quality articles which was unintentionally ignored. We have to prove that a scientific journal that can meet the highest international standards can be published in Turkish. We should provide a high rated journal corresponding to our field of research to next generations as our legacy. If we can achieve our goal by strengthening the scientific interaction network provided by congresses, we all share the pride of being able to say, “I was there when this formation took place”.

October 2001
A. Selami Sargut
Founder Editor